O dear what a month

O dear what a month – holiday, concerts, travels, schoolstart for Linnea after a lovely summer….


After a long vacation at the westcoast and a warm week in Copenhagen we could get Linnea back from a week long scout camp. Of the the summerhouse again for some more good food, nice company…


Next stop Oslo – Modus  Medieval Music festival with concerts. Laude Illustre in a late night concert where the entree got robbed when we where singing on stage … a high scream,  should we stop or not, strong music, musicians and singers on the edge … beautiful church – the show went on.

The day after Oluf Strangessøns dystrit once again with Leah Stuttard and then the great Micrologus with their Robin & Marion. Thanks to Gro Siri for a fantastic festival.

Nice travel with Björn Ross the day after discussing new projects with old Sagatexts – something for next summer  – discussing the plans with the Harp lab in Harplinge..

Back in the summerhouse – and a last couple of days before flying to Slovenia to attend Domen Marincic wonderful Radovlica festival  with Ulv’s new programme “The hour of the wolf” Such a nice atmosphere in the little village Radovlica – interesting discussions about early/modern music, old recordings …. At home there where a few days to recover and rehearse for the last concerts of the summer. Nordic folktunes  with Henry Linder and a medieaval Banquet.

I truly feel so privileged that I can combine my work and concerts  with so many different nice musicians and singers with my wonderful family.

Borta bra men hemma bäst


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