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O dear what a month

O dear what a month – holiday, concerts, travels, schoolstart for Linnea after a lovely summer….


After a long vacation at the westcoast and a warm week in Copenhagen we could get Linnea back from a week long scout camp. Of the the summerhouse again for some more good food, nice company…


Next stop Oslo – Modus  Medieval Music festival with concerts. Laude Illustre in a late night concert where the entree got robbed when we where singing on stage … a high scream,  should we stop or not, strong music, musicians and singers on the edge … beautiful church – the show went on.

The day after Oluf Strangessøns dystrit once again with Leah Stuttard and then the great Micrologus with their Robin & Marion. Thanks to Gro Siri for a fantastic festival.

Nice travel with Björn Ross the day after discussing new projects with old Sagatexts – something for next summer  – discussing the plans with the Harp lab in Harplinge..

Back in the summerhouse – and a last couple of days before flying to Slovenia to attend Domen Marincic wonderful Radovlica festival  with Ulv’s new programme “The hour of the wolf” Such a nice atmosphere in the little village Radovlica – interesting discussions about early/modern music, old recordings …. At home there where a few days to recover and rehearse for the last concerts of the summer. Nordic folktunes  with Henry Linder and a medieaval Banquet.

I truly feel so privileged that I can combine my work and concerts  with so many different nice musicians and singers with my wonderful family.

Borta bra men hemma bäst


Iceland – ULV – Christmas

Skalholt in the beginning of July – beautiful as always.

Not the first time in Iceland. Been there with ALBA, Henry Linder, Laude Illustre, Sequnetia …. beautiful venues – lovely audience.


This time we were alone in the big house with wonderful food in the fridge and an even more wonderful singer and cook, Lena Susanne Norin in the kitchen. Lena and me did arrive one day before Elizabeth and started with changing the Christmas program, work on “The hour of the wolf” for Slovenia in August and prepare our program for Skalholt.

Next day I took the very old green bus and drove to Selfoss to pick up Elizabeth. ULV is complete and the real work starts. Hekla is lingering in the background and the rain is hitting hard from time to time. Long intense days with singing, planning, walking and eating. Together with the long light green and blue evenings  the programs take shape, especially the Christmas program where we now have found some new wonderful traditional hymns from both Dalarna, Estonia and Ukraine. It is so nice end rewarding making music with Elizabeth and Lena Susanne and I really look forward to Christmas concerts and recording next season.

After the concert a lovely meal in the restaurant and then Youtubefavourites including Anthony and the Johnsons, Dusty Springfield, Amy Winehouse and Lenny Kravitz. Thanks to Sigurdur for bringing us to the summer beautiful festival in Skalholt and thanks Kolbein for driving us to Skalholt .


Edinburgh June 2013

So back in Edinburgh after many years. Last time I was there I came on a bike. Now I had a little more to carry….

This time it was ‘Oluf Strangesøns Dystrit – Oluf Strangeson’s Joust’ with  fleeing horses, duels, cold winter, prayers, dances….. with harper and singer Leah Stuttard

‘Oluf Strangesøns Dystrit – Oluf Strangeson’s Joust’ is like a scrapbook full of music and poetry from around 1500. We did it in Copenhagen as part of the European Day of Early Music inaugurated this year.

This time it was a houseconcert in the beautiful rooms of Chris and Cait. There we continued our work one of Denmark’s most unique medieval ballads “Oluf Strangesøns dystrit” about two friends, Oluf and Hasburd, who embark on a dangerous journey with deadly duels in the early morning. I have reconstructed melody to another of this old text – a Swedish ballad from around 1600 Danzen i Rosendelund. Here we have the light, sensual midsummer time when the evenings are bright and long. The young man comes riding on his grey steed in to a Rosegarden where he finds a traditional dance in which his beloved is participating. Along this strong ballads we create a tapestry of songs, dances, ballads, prayers, sequences…

We will soon record this so we can present a CD on the concerts with both of us – not “only” our solo CD’s.